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offer items:
apple royal,grape red,potato,garlic,masoor dal,sugar,chicken dhum biriyani,marocco green olives,rohu fish,sea bass,pakistan beef with bone,indian buffalo and etc.
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Al Rawabi Deal of the Day 03-09-2019

offer items: nescafe classic coffee,alrai sunflower oil,ariel detergent powder,tilapia.

Al Rawabi Weekend 26-09-2019 to 27-09-2019

offer items: carrot australia,pineapple indonesia,apple royal gala spain,indian cucumber,eggs white,indian buffalo boneless,brazil beef boneless,tilapia fish,squid indian,chicken fried rice,spanish olives plain,men's polo t shirt asstd.

Al Rawabi Deal of the Day 11-09-2019

offer items: india gate rice,nurjahan basmati rice,pearl automatic.

Al Rawabi Weekend 29-08-2019 to 30-08-2019

offer items: carrot australia,sweet melon iran,tomato iran,cabbage iran,green olives with oil,mandi rice +grilled chicken half,brazil beef boneless,australian beef boneless,rohu indian,mackerel pakistan,nurjahan basmati rice and etc.

Al Rawabi Deal of the Day 17-09-2019

offer items: tiffany bugles cheese snacks,dalya juice asstd,kitco nice potato chips,tapioca indian.

Al Rawabi Ajmal Food Center Offers 12-9-2019 to 17-9-2019

offer items: mango,watermelon,carrot,grapes,aqua gulf drinking water,sadia chicken half breast,head & shoulder shampoo,mens t-shirt and etc.

Al Rawabi Deal of the Day 27-08-2019

offer items: fairy lemon,yonca sunflower oil,britannia goodday biscuit,pakistan beef boneless,black pomfret.

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