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offer items:
banana,royal gala,pomegranate,white grapes,snake gourd,mushroom,tilapia fish,doha fresh chicken,beef,broasted chicken,butter croissant,seara chicken,bounty,rainbow milk powder,cashew nut and etc.

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offer items: fibre bread,blue berry,quaker rolled oats,epicure beans asstd,ibero extra virgin olive oil,lipton green tea,apple watch series 5,huawei smart watch,huawei smart band,beurer activity sensor.

Lulu Hyper Weekend 22-08-2019 to 25-08-2019

offer items: apple red usa,grapes white italy,plums black,scarlet mandarin south africa,tilapia,australian beef mincee,indian buffalo boneless,grilled chicken,zatar croissant and etc.

Lulu Hyper Crazy Deals 09-09-2019 to 19-09-2019

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Lulu Hyper Weekend 29-08-2019 to 30-08-2019

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Lulu Hyper Onam Fest 08-09-2019 to 11-09-2019

offer items: banana,cabbage,beans,vellary,red pumpkin,banana leaves,vegetable mix,flowers india,buttercottch cake and etc.

Lulu Hyper Big Savers and Digi Tech 28-08-2019 to 07-09-2019

offer items: sadia chicken,butter chicken,chicken biriryani,double chocolate,lulu beef mortadella,lulu plain paratha,lotte pie biscuit,bounty multipack,kitkat,usa almond,usa pistachio,dates seedless,zain sunflower oil and etc.

Lulu Hyper Big Meat Feast 04-09-2019 to 08-09-2019

offer items: mutton cuts,buffalo meat,arabic lamb cuts,local beef,fresh camel meat,beef mince,beef cubes low fat,beef topside roast,mandarine,grapes,tilapia fish,strawberry cake small,brown sandwich bread and etc.

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