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offer items:
fresh sheri medium,freshblack pomfret big,grapes red,pomegranate,chicken pizza+coca cola,chicken fried rice+chilli chicken,sadia chicken griller,indian buffalo,almond,cashewnut plain and etc.

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Safari Hyper Weekend 19-09-2019

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Safari Hyper Deal of the Day 04-09-2019

offer  items: jeera rice+chicken kebab+dal fry,asrtd pizza,local beef with bone,fresh white pomfret,fresh tapioca sri lanka,white chickpeas,moong whole,delmonte pineapple orange juice unsweetend,sadia chicken griller.

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Safari Hyper Deal of the Day 27-08-2019

offer items: grapes black,carrot australia,fresh rohu,fresh squid,chicken dum biryani,veg sandwich+juice ipc,local beef,doux chicken,coroli sunflower oil.

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