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 bakery items,gourmet smoked turkey,edam ball cheese,puck red cheddar,guda cheese,beef,lamb,chicken,pepsi,white eggs,sadia chicken,kdd tomato paste,india gate basmati rice and etc.
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Grand Hyper Weekend 19-09-2019 to 21-09-2019

offer items: australian beef boneless,mixed pickle turkey,grilled chicken,mutton roast,local cake,milk bread,sadia chicken,lotus jasmine rice,zain cooking oil,nescafe red mug,dove beauty cream and etc.

Safari Hyper Deal of the Day 30-09-2019

offer items: al badia milk powder,skate shoes,vacuum flask asrtd,grapes white,fresh crab,fresh pomfret black,yam india,grill chicken+ghee rice,perdix chicken griller.

Safari Hyper Cyber Deals 22-09-2019 to 24-09-2019

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Al Rawabi Deal of the Day 11-09-2019

offer items: india gate rice,nurjahan basmati rice,pearl automatic.

Al Rawabi Weekend 26-09-2019 to 27-09-2019

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Al Meera Weekly Specials 17-09-2019 to 25-09-2019

offer items: iphone x,ipad 6 wifi,fa deo spray,pampers,clorox,harpic liquid,pearl detergent,sadia chicken,jasmine rice,eggs,croissant bake up mbg,shamayat,mawaleh,rosary mortadella,mild white cheddar,president edam,black&green olives,beef sojouk,lamb…

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