David Davis

Hair revital x That's your best weapon. And not only that, work on building your thickest skin. I did a very, very good segment about this in my "Six reasons not to grow your hair out." That video was all about you know, what to consider before growing your hair out, because boy let me tell you, there's a lot of things that you kind of have to consider Hair revital x reviews and don't even realise until you get smack, bang in the middle of it. That you're like, "Holy hell, this sucks dick." Really my best and honest advice, I'd love to sit here and go, "I'm such a hair growth pro, "and I've got all the answers for you," but really there isn't a straight forward answer. And you just gotta, you gotta hang in there. Sorry, love you. - [Audience] Aww! - Okay, now time for question number seven. So this one is from Pedro Garcia. "Why not change it a little?" he says. "Could you recommend me a song/album/artist? "Your current favourite one.

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