Donald Michell

Hair revital x do next I don't know if y'all to see I probably got as much of that off this and come off with my hands so what I'm gonna do next I'm going to clean my scalp and I am going to clean my scalp with some soap and water I'm gonna clean my scalp with some vinegar apple cider vinegar and then I'm going to do my derma rolling for today and I might do it today and tomorrow and then wait a whole nother week before I excavate I'm calling it an excavation before I excavate all of the dead skin off of it again scar tissue skin is what I like to call it so I'm gonna continue to do this so let me get the water I can do it right now so I have this heat I got some water Hair revital x reviews over here that I put in here I do not have any shampoo over here but what I'm going to use is this I'm only gonna need a little of it this is about a liquid oxygen and this is their acne wash with so silic acid so as you can see some of the dead skin is coming off on the towel and some of it is in the water so I'm gonna do this twice I just want to make sure that my scalp is clean and I want to get as much as the dead skin off as possible before I start demo rolling because I hate when that skin gets into the derma roller I personally hate it so again more than skin on the towel I don't know if y'all could see that more dead skin.

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