Kyle Johns

Hair revital x studies on men and a lot of advice that, it turns out, is different for men and women. So I thought I would do a podcast that was focusing on hair growth that's applicable to both sexes, but that had a little bit more detail for women. Because hair changes Hair revital x reviews during pregnancy, during puberty, during perimenopause, and woman can have problems with hair loss, hair thinning, and things like that. And plus, I plan to live to 180, and I'd like to not be bald during that time. So I'm hoping I pick up a few tips myself. And Dr. Kogan, or Sophie, also has a personal story here because she had hair loss due to an eating disorder and just he stress of medical training. And it turns out stress and hair loss are integrally linked. She's the chief medical officer of Nutrafol, a company that focuses on science behind hair loss and what you can do with plant compounds and naturally occurring.

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